The Truth About Hiring An Online Reputation Repair Company

If you are reading this then you have some issues online, right? Unfortunately, you are not alone. Every year hundreds of businesses go under because of a story that spread online and eventually killed their business. For some businesses, it was deserved, but for the most part it was either an honest mistake that was resolved or wasn’t even true.

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Either way, you don’t want to be one of those statistics. In this chapter, we will go over a few key pieces of information that you need to know before hiring a reputation repair company. By the time you finish reading this, you will know how it works, and you will be able to see through the low-quality services so you can make a good decision.

Seeing Through the Forest

Let’s face it there are tons of companies out there claiming to do “reputation management” or “reputation repair”, the problem is this means drastically different things to different people. For some, it’s simply answering customer complaints through and 800 number, for others it means pushing down negative reviews that are showing up on the first page of Google. We will be covering the latter as this is the essence of reputation repair.

Ideally you want a company that has experience in this field. The tricky part is reputation management is not something that companies like to brag about, so most businesses are not willing to disclose who they worked with let alone that they did reputation management at all. Since you most likely won’t be able to verify results the best thing to do is to talk with a company about the process and expectations.

A reputation repair company that has experience will tell you what you can expect and how long it should take whereas a less quality company will simply make vague guesses and will most likely make unrealistic promises. Did they promise to fix it in two weeks? Then they probably aren’t legit. Fixing reputation issues takes time; it is not an overnight process. Any company that makes promises of quick fixes typically hasn’t done the work before or just wants to get your money.

For most clients, it takes about 30 days to start seeing changes on the first page of Google, but it might take another 3-6 months for the negative content to move off the first page. It’s a slow process that can be very challenging for businesses to deal with, but it’s better than paying thousands to get nothing.

Onshore Reputation Repair

Just like everything in the digital world companies overseas are jumping into reputation repair. This can be very appealing because they cost substantially less money. However, cheaper isn’t always better. They cannot just take your money and hide because there are 7,500 miles between you and them. There aren’t the language barriers or differences in customs either.

When you work with a company based in the United States like Orange Fox you can pick up the phone during normal business hours and get ahold of someone. We understand what you are going through, and we know what needs to be done to get results on the US version of Google. Lastly, we live with the same laws and regulations that you do, and we understand that there are certain lines that shouldn’t be crossed because of legal ramifications.

Don’t Fake It Til You Make It

It is vital that you ask questions about what the company will be doing for you. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous companies out there that will write fake reviews about you and post them on various websites. Obviously this is unethical. However, it can also land you in legal trouble. Not to mention you can be publicly outed as someone that attempts to gain fake reviews, just read the last chapter to see what can happen.

Writing fake reviews may sound appealing but it can create a ton of headaches and most the time consumers can spot these fake reviews from a mile away. If you are thinking about doing this, just don’t!

You Get What You Pay For

The pricing for reputation repair may seem expensive when you first look at it, this can cause people to price shop. While we can understand this line of thinking it can backfire. There is a reason that it is an expensive service, think about if you hired an SEO company to get your website ranking for your target keywords. They are doing work on one website, compare that to reputation repair where we are working to rank ten to twenty other websites above the negative websites that are showing up. That is ten to twenty times as much work.

Do You Need Your Reputation Repaired?

If you have negative reviews showing on the first page of Google for your company name NOW is the time to do something about it. It could be costing you thousands of dollars each day that it remains on the first page. We have extensive experience working with business executives as well as large corporations to repair their reputation, and we can help you too.

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