Strong & Secure Random Password Generator

This tool helps you generate secure random passwords. Explore the settings and see if you can come up with other applications. All passwords are generated in your browser and are not stored by us or sent across the internet. It's up to you to remain vigilant of peering neighbors or foreign spies.

General Settings

Generate multiple passwords at once?
How many passwords do you want generated?
How many characters should your password(s) be? (We recommend at least 14 characters to be safe).
This is your password. Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

Advanced Settings

Use symbols to create a stronger password (e.g. $ % ^ & *)
Remove basic ASCII homoglyphs? (Not recommended) Potentially confusable characters like: 1, l, i, I, o, O, or 0. No effect in numbers only mode.
Use numbers only? (Useful for PINs) Be smart, don't turn this on for passwords.

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