SEO Technical Readiness Audit

Your company knows SEO is important, but are you actually ready? It makes no sense to work on the advanced areas if the basics are being overlooked.

seo technical readiness audit

A full scale audit is conducted for both onpage and offpage search engine optimization opportunities. Every customer is different, which means every audit is different. Our process looks for 1) critical mistakes that could be contributing to traffic loss and penalties 2) opportunities for improvement that can be implemented by your technology and marketing teams.

The typical agency will run your website through several automated checkers and then deliver you a thousand page report filled with data that is neither useful nor actionable.

Our process typically discovers 4-5 major issues for improvement along with 15-20 minor issues. These problems are itemized in a step by step format explaining in detail why this is a problem, what the solution is, and the steps required to solve the problem. This also includes a review of the changes implemented.

1) Let's See If We're a Good Fit

We value your time and our time. These are the clients that we work with best.


2) Let's Set Expectations Right

We are generous with our time and talent. We will go above and beyond to help your business make the right decisions, even if being transparent costs us a sale today, it builds trust for the future. Expect clear project timelines, deliverables, pricing and measureable results.


Our golden rule is we will only engage in a project if we believe it will result in a referral, reference and repeat business. We will respectfully decline projects, if it means sacrificing our reputation to accommodate unrealistic demands from a high maintenance client.

3) Tell Us About Your Project

Orange Fox is a BBB Accredited Marketing Consultant in Minneapolis, MN

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