SEO Post-Migration Audit

Have you ever forgotten something before a trip? If you are planning to move your website from one domain to another chances are you aren't as prepared as you think.


We'll help you preserve your hard earned brand equity during a rebrand, redesign, platform change or SSL certificate installation. See How to Preserve My Brand's Equity and avoid losing 75% of it during migration.

1) Let's See If We're a Good Fit

We value your time and our time. These are the clients that we work with best.


2) Let's Set Expectations Right

We are generous with our time and talent. We will go above and beyond to help your business make the right decisions, even if being transparent costs us a sale today, it builds trust for the future. Expect clear project timelines, deliverables, pricing and measureable results.


Our golden rule is we will only engage in a project if we believe it will result in a referral, reference and repeat business. We will respectfully decline projects, if it means sacrificing our reputation to accommodate unrealistic demands from a high maintenance client.

3) Tell Us About Your Project

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