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Jacob Hagberg

Hire when having "Best in Class" matters because your company is a rapidly growing and is a disruptive force that is changing your industry and needs digital done right to capture market share.

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A Trusted Name in Digital

Known as the speaker "who gets mobbed" at conferences, Jacob Hagberg is a "world-class search engine optimization consultant" with a strategic business mind. He's accountable and responsive to C-level executives and wins over development and marketing teams by simplifying and explaining the "why" behind technical concepts.

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Jacob Hagberg is generous with his expertise and seen as a thought-leader by his colleagues. He is still helping other digital consultants and in-house marketing professionals 3 hours after finishing his speaking session in London, England.

What Can You Expect?

As a search expert with advanced technical, marketing and business skills and 10+ years of digital experience, Jacob understands both the big picture and intricate details when it comes to optimizing and converting online. He provides unique insight with a "sail the ship in the right direction" and "identify low-hanging fruit" approach.

Winning in Digital Starts with a Plan

Architect Winning Digital Search Marketing Strategy and Calendar
Website Optimization and Conversion Strategy
Analytics and Conversion Tracking
QA Implementation and Drive Execution by Internal Resources
Monthly Insights and Progress Report
Participation in Company Conference Calls and Emails, In-Person Meeting Upon Request
Training and Vetting of Internal Marketing Resources for Company

"We met Jacob during a conference we attended in Las Vegas. After his speaking session, he took the time to answer our questions. About a month after the conference, our company decided we needed help with technical SEO and turned to Orange Fox. He has helped us fix many issues on our site and we plan to continue working with Jacob for years to come."

Top 5 Reasons to Work with Jacob Hagberg

1. You Need an SEO Expert that Can Lead Digital Strategy
2. You Need Clear Direction and a Detailed Plan to Win in Search
3. You Need Someone With Experience You Can Trust
4. You Want to be Certain You Are Making the Right Decisions
5. You Want to Use 2016 Best Practices

2016 Highlighted Credentials

Search Marketing Expo (SMX West) Speaker
Digital Summit Atlanta & Denver Speaker
Brand Ambassador for Majestic SEO
Brand Speaker for SEMrush
Featured in 2016 ExpressWriters Content Marketing Experts

Monthly Retainer Options

  • 10 Hours Per Month
  • 20 Hours Per Month

Bottom Line

Jacob Hagberg is an internationally recognized SEO, experienced strategist and trusted consultant that delivers tangible results that will meet or exceed your expectations.

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